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Packing for your Campervan or Motorhome Holiday

Posted in General on Saturday, 29 July 2023

Like me do you dread packing for a holiday? Do you always end up taking far too much? Packing for a Campervan or Motorhome holiday is not much different from packing for any self-catering holiday. Hopefully this article will provide you with some helpful tips.

Kitchen Items

Go Explore fully equips the kitchens so you will have cutlery and crockery for the number of berths in the vehicle. An example of our inventory can be found here . The kitchen will also have cooking utensils and cookware, everything that we consider to be essential including a bottle opener, measuring jug, a colander and a grater etc.


Motorhome kitchen

If you are arriving with us by car, you wouldn’t be considered silly for bringing your air fryer. It can only be used when you have an electric hook-up (on a campsite) and you will need to be cautious of how many appliances are plugged in at any one time so as not to overload the campervan or motorhome’s systems.

I would recommend either bringing for home or including in your first grocery shop – seasoning, cooking oil and perhaps some ice cube bags. Consider what you will do with opened food packets, freezer bags, bag clips or plastic tubs will come in handy – remember things may move about when you are driving, even in the fridge, so try to prevent spillages. The fridges are good sizes but purchase your drinks in small bottles/ cartons it will be easier them to store and weighty bottles in the door of the fridge make it difficult to close and stay shut.

Personal Hygiene

Ooft getting personal now, sorry I couldn’t think of a better header. I always recommend that clients bring crocs or flip flops for walking to and from the campsite facilities. Facilities on campsites are usually of a high standard but it’s not always easy to balance and get your feet dry enough to put your socks and shoes on in the cubicle.


Personal Hygiene

I usually have a spare shopping bag to carry our towels, shower gels etc along with the change of clothes. It’s not uncommon to see people walking from their campervan or motorhome in a housecoat but I usually just cover up with a hoodie or jacket.

Clothing & Footwear

When packing clothing items, you should consider the storage space for your clothes and luggage. Storage space varies between vehicles. Here is a rough guide to what you can expect in our vehicles.


Motorhome clothing and footwear

Outlander Campervans

Limited storage behind the rear seat and some small cupboard space.

MacBeth Campervans

Overhead cupboards (above the bed) where clothing can be folded and stored. Storage under the bed for larger items and footwear.


Overhead cupboards throughout the vehicle for storing folded clothes. Wardrobe for hanging lightweight items (some coat hangers included) and storing footwear. Garage area access from outside the motorhome for additional storage of large bags or larger items. Small bathroom cabinet.


Remember many campsites will have laundry facilities so you may get the opportunity to refresh your clothes during your trip if necessary.

Recently I have used large storage/ laundry bags to pack our clothes. I found them more flexible than suitcases for squashing into the car and when empty they can easily be folded away. I like these ones Jumbo Storage and Laundry Bags (great for the kids’ beach toys too).

A client recently arrived with packing bags in her suitcase so she could easily decant her clothing from the suitcase and stow the packs away in the cupboard space and under the bed.

Empty suitcases can be stored in your own car if you’re parking it with us or we can store empty luggage in our offices.

Outdoor Furniture

We supply an outdoor table and chairs free of charge in all of our vehicles (on request in the Outlander Campervans). If you would prefer to bring your own, please just ask for them to be removed during the handover.

I hope this information is helpful, if you need any additional information about the model that you have booked, please just contact our office either by email or by calling 0141 773 1212 and selecting option 1.