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How To Be a Responsible Motorhome Adventurer

Posted in General on Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Before you set off

Check that everything is securely shut before hitting the road – that means rooflights, doors, windows, and lockers, and that the gas cylinder is switched off.  Make sure everything inside the motorhome is secured or stowed away – this will ensure nothing gets broken and avoids any nasty lumps and bumps from falling items in the event of driving up a steep hill or encountering a pothole! Why not have one person responsible for checking the outside of the motorhome whilst someone else checks from the inside?
Remember to make sure the toilet is closed with the lid down - you don't want to lose a toothbrush when you turn a corner! And bear in mind that items in cupboards will move during the journey, so take care when opening storage spaces when you reach your destination. 

Safe loading

Each item you put inside your motorhome counts towards its payload and overall weight. Remember, you don't need to pack the kitchen sink because there is one on board! So, think very carefully about what items you take with you and how they are stored. Pack light if you can! 
Helpful hint - consider emptying your grey water waste as you leave a site and don't refill your fresh water until you reach your destination site.

Be courteous to other road users

Plan ahead and think about the route you’ll be taking – if you’re driving a larger motorhome, is your route suitable for large vehicles? Be sure to learn your motorhome’s height and width dimensions so you are prepared for narrow roads, low bridges or height barriers. 
Go Explore motorhomes are 3T so the speed limits are the same as a car.
Don’t forget to check your mirrors frequently while driving, and if a queue is building up behind you, pull over when safe to do so to allow motorists to pass before continuing. Allow other drivers the opportunity to overtake and always keep left.


Where to stay

We always recommend staying on an official campsite or holiday park – don’t forget that the motorhome is a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club and you can book the member rate by entering a one-off promotional code which we can give you for your booking. 
If you choose to stay somewhere else, you should have permission of the landowner – if in doubt, move on. Make sure to never block entrances to fields or buildings.
If you are parking in laybys or car parks, you must do so in line with the Road Traffic Act 1998 or any parking restrictions on display. Vehicles may use a designated lay-by for a rest, but you must be able to move on if requested… that means no wee drams at night! Awnings, tables and chairs, and cooking equipment cannot be set up or undertaken outside – they must remain within the vehicle.

Leave no trace

Always be respectful to the local community and environment by disposing of all your litter in bins or taking your rubbish home with you. It should look like you were never there!


How to dispose of toilet waste

Always ensure you dispose of the contents of toilet cassettes in the correct manner at appropriate chemical disposal points such as those on campsites. Chemical toilet waste is also known as black waste and the emptying points at campsites or service points are called a Chemical Disposal Point (CDP), Elsan disposal point or black waste disposal point.
Chemical toilet waste should never be emptied anywhere other than a designated area at a campsite, a motorhome service point, or in your own sewage system at home. Never pour toilet waste into streams, rivers, lochs or undergrowth, even if it’s only urine – emptying a container of urine will kill vegetation and may pose a health risk.
Do not dispose of toilet waste in public toilets either, because in rural areas they often operate using small-scale sewage treatment or septic tank systems that cannot cope with multiple toilet cassettes being emptied in a short space of time. 
More publicly available motorhome waste facility points are being added in parts of Scotland. There is a map on the CaMPA website which shows waste disposal locations in Scotland for touring visitors.

Need any help?

If there’s anything else you’re unsure about, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our friendly team are always on hand to advise, so give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help.