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How does Scotland make holiday-goers feel?

Posted in General on Wednesday, 02 November 2022
It has been scientifically proven that time feels like it goes by significantly faster once we reach adulthood; this is simply a result of a lack of new experiences.

Research has proven that slowed processing times in our brains due to ageing creates the illusion of time ‘speeding up’ once people pass adolescence. But this does not mean we should halt on embarking on enriching new adventures and activities; in fact, it means the very opposite.

Now, VisitScotland have set out to uncover how holidaymakers feel when they visit our bonnie country by exploring the emotions that UK holidaymakers associate with specific Scottish regions.

As a part of their Scotland Is Calling campaign, VisitScotland also explored the psychological concept of ‘place attachment’, which looks at the bond between person and place. 
Take a look at the results of the research below! Which Scottish region do you hold close to your heart?

How does each Scottish region make people feel?

Overall, it was concluded that ‘happiness’ was the most frequently experienced emotion across Scotland, with almost 1 in 5 (18%) people saying this.

Following closely behind was ‘excited’, which was, unsurprisingly, most felt in Glasgow – Scotland's UNESCO City of Music! The next emotion most felt in Scotland was ‘inspired’, with most visitors saying that they felt this most in Argyll and the Isles.

Below is the full map of which emotions were felt in each region – do you agree?  

Which Scottish regions did most people have a special or emotional connection to?

Next, VisitScotland explored the locations that people felt the strongest emotional connections with. 

Coming out on top was Aberdeen City and wider Aberdeenshire, with an immense 50% of participants stating that they had a strong emotional connection or special memory to these locations. Unsurprisingly, coming in at second place, with a quarter of the overall vote was Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh!

Other high-scoring locations include Highlands and Isle of Skye, Argyll and the Isles, Angus and Dundee, and Glasgow City.

Check out the ten places in Scotland most people said they have a connection with below!

If you take just one thing away from this campaign, let it be the importance of travel and the creation of memories whilst doing so.
The ability to travel and explore beyond your comfort zone is a huge gift. This philosophy is one which is echoed here at Go Explore Scotland. We offer motorhome and car rentals to provide flexible, stress-free travel to shift the focus from stress over travel logistics to making memories and ‘place attachments’ that will last a lifetime.  

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