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Exploring Scotland’s UNESCO Trail in a Motorhome

Posted in General on Friday, 26 November 2021

Scotland has some of the world's protected and most unique places. Our country's sublime landscapes and rich culture ought to be celebrated, and that's why VisitScotland has teamed up with UNESCO (a part of the UN dedicated to conserving and recognising places of significance) to bring us the world's-first digital UNESCO Trail.

Scotland might be small in size, but it certainly isn't small in the significance it plays across the globe. Scotland is home to 13 of UNESCO's sites, and many of them are firsts! Not only do these places make the world aware of Scotland's significance, but they have the power to change the way we see, experience, and understand the world.

With help from VisitScotland, we want to share the top three sites you can drive to and explore on Scotland's UNESCO Trail, as well as some guidelines you should keep in mind whilst out on the road.

The Antonine Wall

Measuring 60km in length coast to coast, the Antonine Wall was built around 142 AD, on the order of Emperor Antoninus Pius, no less. The best-preserved wall fragments can be seen today at various locations, including Watling Lodge in Falkirk and Bo’ness on the Firth of Forth.

New Lanark

Founded by Glasgow banker David Dale and entrepreneur Richard Arkwright, the cotton mill of New Lanark became a base for employment, social and educational reforms. The village built up in the 18th century is a shining example of a progressive community model, with the world's first kindergarten being founded here.

Whilst touring with your Go Explore motorhome, why not stop by the New Lanark Visitor Attraction, where you can find out what life would have been like in the mill village, exploring the stunningly restored buildings.

Galloway & Southern Ayrshire

Renowned for its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes, the Galloway and Southern Biosphere covers 5,268 square km, making it the perfect area to spend some of your time.

You can explore the untouched beaches and coastlines or take a stroll through the woodlands and forests that provide homes for a wide range of trees, plants, and wildlife.

The biosphere also has a good road network to make reaching different towns and villages accessible for vehicles.

Before you set off on the trail, it’s important to be aware of the following guidelines and advice:

  • Follow the rules, etiquette and regulations of the road to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. Be aware of how long and wide your motorhome is and take extra precautions. Choose roads that will be wide enough for you to drive. If you find there is traffic behind you, allow others to overtake you.
  • Check that you have the following essential items with you, including a shovel, de-icer, warm clothing and plenty of extra food and water. This is sure to prepare you for any weather changes!
  • Use official campsites and holiday parks and check what’s open before you book.
  • Leave no trace in the great outdoors by looking at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
  • Don’t light bonfires or barbeques as these can quickly get out of control and, make sure to take extra care around natural hazards.
  • If you have waste to dispose of, campsites will have general waste and recycling facilities to manage this.

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