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Experience Slow Travelling by Motorhome in Scotland

Posted in General on Thursday, 28 October 2021

Slow travelling by motorhome is a great way to see everything Scotland has to offer. It allows you to explore destinations at your own pace, forming connections with everything around you and the locals you meet along the way.

With help from VisitScotland, we want to share some top tips and guidelines on how to experience the benefits of slow travel when out on the road.


Leave no trace

To be as eco-friendly as possible, find out how you can leave no trace in the great outdoors by checking the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

For fire safety reasons, don’t light bonfires or barbeques as these can quickly get out of control and, make sure to take extra care around natural hazards.

If you have waste to dispose of, campsites will have general waste and recycling facilities to manage this responsibly.

Stop, relax and recharge

Your journey shouldn’t feel fast-paced, but like you are taking things one step at a time. Slow travel is about taking a moment to stop and feel a sense of calm when exploring some of Scotland’s stunning locations.

Stay longer in the places you plan to stop for a break when out on the road. Enjoy a picnic together or cup of coffee, sit back and take in your surroundings.

Island hop sustainably

If you want to do a spot of island hopping and tour some of Scotland’s unique islands, you can do so sustainably by booking a ferry to take you on to the next part of your journey.

Not only are you saving money, but you are also kinder to the environment for choosing a sustainable way to travel from port to port.

Grab a takeaway hot chocolate, stand out on the deck, and reconnect with your loved ones as you watch the Scottish coastline drift off before you into the distance.


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