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Discover Scotland’s UNESCO trail through the eyes of AI

Posted in General on Tuesday, 20 September 2022
You may remember our previous article on VisitScotland’s UNESCO trail. Well, since then VisitScotland have utilised the latest AI technology to generate digital imagery of the 13 Scottish biospheres!

These AI generators work by using in depth analysis of thousands of curated images to create new depictions of the locations based on the aesthetics the technology has learnt. Here at Go Explore Scotland we believe that campervanning offers a unique experience which allows for vast freedom to travel at a pace tailored to you and your family. Whether this means exploring the trail from the comfort of your mobile home or parking on the outskirts of our suggested cities below, you can get even closer to the rich culture, heritage and action that Scotland has to offer!


The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh AI imagery perfectly emphasises the duality between the medieval old town and the neoclassical New Town. Highlighting the iconic cobbled streets, stretching across a huge expanse of land which leads up to the infamous Royal Mile - a key destination to explore on your trip!

Old and New Towns UNESCO locations aside, Edinburgh is also home to a rich literary culture and heritage; this identity is so integral that has resulted in the city being the first in the world to be deemed a City of Literature by UNESCO in 2004. Storytelling and literature have been a central element of Edinburgh’s past and present, with annual festivals such as the Edinburgh International book festival celebrating this core identity of the city.

There is something to appeal to all types of visitors, even those who would not identify with the label ‘avid reader’! There is everything from captivating architectural marvels to café’s that J.K Rowling herself conspired her spellbinding tales in, and even a literary themed bar crawl which will guide you through some of the most renounced drinking establishments. Edinburgh is a city of endless possibility and will leave you wanting more!